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VELOTROVE is the first range of bike storage products created with security, style and sustainability in mind. Our products are cleverly designed for simple storage and access – making it easy for you to use and love your bike! VELOTROVE products are suitable for use at your home or your business.

At VELOTROVE we don't just love our bikes, we respect the world around as well. All products are manufactured in Manchester using quality, sustainable materials. We also listen to the views of cyclists, councils, designers and developers and are continually looking to improve our products to suit your requirements.

Sold Secure Gold

VELOCHAIN has passed the Sold Secure Security Bicycle Gold Test Standard. Helping reduce the number of bicycles stolen from insecure garden sheds, homes and offices, Gold rated locking devices offer the highest level of security.

Green Apple Award winner

The VELOPLANTER has won a Gold Award in the Products and Materials category of the Green Apple Environment Awards 2014, the national campaign to find Britain's greenest companies, councils and communities.

Kickstarter campaign

VELOTROVE will be launching a starter campaign with exclusive versions for backers. The VELOCHAIN will be available in limited edition colours and a wall version coming soon.




The ultimate ground anchor with integral chain, the VELOCHAIN offers exceptional security. Compact and stylish, it is the simple way to secure your bike in your home, on a balcony, in a shed or garage or on the street.

The VELOCHAIN consists of a hardened steel chain encased in a PVC hose that is anchored to the ground. The bike is secured using the cyclist's own bike lock.

The VELOCHAIN is the only ground anchor you can lock your bike to directly with a D-lock. There is no need to use an additional chain or to bend down to the ground – making it easier to lock your bike securely and comfortably. There are no metal bits to scratch your bike and no fabric to get wet.

The VELOCHAIN makes it easy to lock your bike through the frame and wheel together and not just the wheel so ensuring a much higher level of security and in accordance with police guidelines.

The VELOCHAIN is suitable for up to two bikes and is accredited to the Sold Secure Gold rating. It can be used in conjunction with the VELOTROVE or VELOPLANTER or as an independent item to secure bikes or tools.

VELOCHAIN close-up
VELOCHAIN locking a bicycle
VELOCHAIN in colours

The VELOCHAIN is available in a range of colours or black. It is easy to install and comes with full instructions.

Incredibly secure
Exceptionally easy

Our VELOCHAIN is coming soon to...Kickstarter




The VELOPLANTER combines secure cycle parking with stylish garden or street furniture. Just as attractive with or without bikes, the VELOPLANTER is the perfect bike parking solution for cafés, shops and offices – or any commercial development.

Bikes are stored horizontally with the front or back wheel slotted into the wooden planter or bench. As it is a modular system, units can be arranged back to back, in a line, side to side or on their own to suit the space available.

The VELOPLANTER is available in Western Red Cedar or in a selection of colours from the Farrow and Ball range. This painted finish comes with a guarantee and does not need repainting for 10 years.

Available in a range of colours.


All VELOTROVE products are flat packed and available for self-assembly and installation, with all the instructions provided.



VELOSLOT diagram

This versatile and space-saving bike storage solution is suitable for any location – inside or out. The VELOTROVE can be freestanding or fixed inside a garage, shed, basement car park or even a lobby.

Individual slots keep cycles apart and prevent tangling – making it easier to access and use your bike. As the bikes are stored upright on their back wheel, it minimises the use of space – allowing multiple cycles to be stored in a small area. Slots in the floor and back panel make it easy to guide the wheels in and out.

The VELOSLOT is a modular design so you can choose the number of slots you require. It can also be used in conjunction with the VELOCHAIN to combine storage and security.

All VELOSLOT products are flat-pack and self-assembly to ensure minimal waste and damage to the environment.


The VELOSLOT can be branded with any design, photograph, company logo or colour. Even the back panels can be covered in a material to match your building, wall or space.

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Our Story

Our Mission

We create and continually develop cyclist-informed storage that is secure, stylish, sustainable, space-saving and multifunctional. Above all, we design our products to make cycling easier and more enjoyable for us all.

FSCRecycledGreen Apple Award winnerVELOCHAIN has passed the Sold Secure Security Bicycle Gold Test Standard

The Back Story

VELOTROVE is the brainchild of architect and designer, Paula Butterfield, from Manchester who had searched without success for an aesthetically pleasing and practical bike store solution for her family.

On discovering that friends had similar needs, Paula realised there was a gap in the market and in December 2011 set about developing the VELOTROVE range of bike storage and security solutions.

Today VELOTROVE offers a portfolio of stylish, sustainable and secure designs for short and long-term use, ideal for both individual or communal cycle storage.

What started out as a personal requirement for a bike shed has became an opportunity to promote cycling and start a business. "I wasn't able to find anything that looked good or didn't take up too much space and that was flexible enough to house other garden paraphernalia and could grow and adapt with my family” explained Paula. "I decided to design my own bike and garden store that meant I could organise and access my bikes and other tools easily and would be something I'd be happy to look at."

VELOTROVE continues to listen to cyclists' requirements and develop new products. Watch this space...

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